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The UK Parliament is Going to Debate Marijuana Legalization for its Medicinal Use
Author: Alice  21/02/2018 - 16:29:00

February 21, 2018, UK

Will the United Kingdom be a marijuana legalized region? Well, the UK parliament is going to discuss and debate it this week. With Canada becoming a fully legalized territory from July 1 and several US states going for marijuana legalization one by one, everyone is looking at the UK Parliament and wondering: will the UK citizens also have cannabis as a legalized commodity?

As of now, marijuana is classified as a Class B drug in the United Kingdom. Cannabis possession is a punishable crime where five years of jail time can be given to the convicted individuals. People who are involved in growing and selling cannabis are exposed to more harsh punishments. Up to 14 years of prison time can be given to people found involved in such operations.

In spite of the fact that significant amount of research has been done on the medicinal benefits of cannabis, no region in the UK have any MMJ program. But it doesn’t change the fact that UK residents also suffer from the same diseases as Americans. Therefore, the prohibition of cannabis hasn’t prevented people in country to seek and consume the product.

UK parliament is going to discuss and debate – Image powered by Matzav.com

With the growing number of patients suffering from chronic diseases and pains moving towards MMJ, the UK parliaments have finally decided to bring the topic of medical legalization on the floor.

If we go back in the recent past, then there is a particular case that led to this development where cannabis is going to be the topic of discussion in the parliament. A UK family was left with no option and had to move to the Netherlands for the treatment of their six year old son, Alfie Dingley. The boy is suffering from an acute form of epilepsy with more than 30 seizures a day. Cannabis oil has proven benefits for epilepsy patients but Alfie’s parents couldn’t legally procure it in the UK. Therefore, they had to move to another country altogether to seek the MMJ treatment. After administrating cannabis oil, the young epilepsy patients went for more than three straight weeks without seizures.

However, due to financial restraints, the family has relocated to the UK again and filed a petition with the NHS to allow them the use of cannabis oil for their son. They are still waiting to get any relief and the treatment of their epileptic son is still illegal in the country.

Cannabis could become legal in the UK after debate – Image powered by Rt.com

This family’s struggle and difficulty might translate into a movement for cannabis legalization. The parliamentary debate on MMJ legalization has already gained lots of traction and got the attention of many famous people including Sting, Russell Brand etc.

Paloma Faith, a famous English actress, singer and songwriter, is even in favor of domestic cultivation. She thinks that growing it on your own premises would help in limiting the deaths and health complications caused by unauthorized, unregulated substances available in the black market.

We hope that this parliamentary debate doesn’t reduce to just a usual political rhetoric and something good may come out of it for the patients in the country badly needing MMJ treatments.

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