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Hawaii Senator Wants a Medical Marijuana Tourism Industry
Author: Dan Kingston  13/02/2018 - 23:16:00

Senator Will Espero is hoping that Hawaii will expand its medical marijuana law to allow for reciprocity. This type of expansion would allow any medical marijuana cardholder in the nation to obtain medicine while visiting Hawaii. He also believes that it could help make Hawaii a medical marijuana destination.

A regulatory system to allow the out-of-state cards would have to be setup, according to KITV 4 News. The expansion may also increase tax revenues for the state while creating more jobs.

Senator Espero said, “In the first few months we’re talking 3 or 4 million dollars in sales for just 3 dispensaries, so you can see there’s strong possibilities.”

Mothers Against Drunk Driving does not support the expansion.

Carol McNamee said, “What we have is information that people that have used cannabis have been involved in crashes that cause injuries and fatalities.”

Cheech Marin supports expanding Hawaii’s medical marijuana law to include out-of-state patients.

He said, “It’s a universal medicinal plant that’s used for a myriad of melodies and purposes and it’s much less harmful to you than the drugs that are available.”

In response to the comments by MADD, Marin says “it’s up to the individuals to exercise good judgment.”

Original article from himarijuana.com: Hawaii Senator Wants a Medical Marijuana Tourism Industry


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