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Antigua and Barbuda is Going to Decriminalize Cannabis
Author: Alice  13/02/2018 - 16:52:00

February 13, 2018, Antigua and Barbuda

The Caribbean Island is going to witness a major reform associated with marijuana. Antigua and Barbuda, a commonwealth country of the Caribbean, is decriminalizing cannabis after a long public movement in the favor of this measure. Lawmakers in the country have finally huddled to come up with decriminalization laws. This development manifests the fact that countries all around the world are reassessing laws regarding marijuana.

Legislators in the bicameral assembly formally proposed the Misuse of Drugs bill in December last year. It got favorable feedback from the floor and a special parliamentary committee revised it with some additional provisions. Legislators from the House of Representatives reviewed the revised bill in the last week of January and finally approved the bill on Feb 6. Now, it’s the senate’s turn to review and approve the bill. With the senate’s approval, the bill will become a part of the legislation of Antigua and Barbuda. As of now, it seems very likely that the senate will follow the course of lower house of the assembly. With this decriminalization law in place, adults can posses up to 15 grams of marijuana without the risk of getting charged for any crime.

Decriminalize Cannabis – Image powered by Youtube.com

Local news also reported that the believers of Rastafari, an Abrahamic religion, would be permitted to cultivate and consume a limited amount of cannabis for religious reasons. Moreover, the government will set up a body to study the prospects of legalization and benefits of MMJ.

Decriminalization is a much needed step for cannabis reforms, but legislators have made it very clear that this is not akin to legalization.

Samantha Marshall, who is leading the government’s cannabis commission, says that there is misunderstanding about decriminalization among masses. Many think that there will be no penalty on the possession and consumption of cannabis. She further says that decriminalization will only prevent criminal charges. The individuals get caught with marijuana will still get the tickets and penalties.

Prime minister, Gaston Browne – Image powered by Radiozdk.com

Prime minister, Gaston Browne, has also said the same in an interview. He says that his administration is not a cannabis advocate and decriminalization shouldn’t be seen in this context. He, however, has conceded that medical cannabis has therapeutic benefits.

According to the PM, the decriminalization is being adopted to align the law of the land with public views. A recent survey shows that around 70% of the country’s population supports leniency regarding cannabis possession.

The developments in Antigua and Barbuda demonstrate that cannabis support is getting traction all across the world. Marijuana has become more socially acceptable as compared to the past. Legislators of and Barbuda will continue to deliberate on the idea of legalization. Many of them are closely watching how legalization gets unfold in Canada.

As we all are aware that Canada is going to have a nationwide legalization from July this year. If things go as planned, then it will create a history. The legalization will make Canada a global marijuana leader along with the Netherlands and Uruguay.

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