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Pivot Pharmaceuticals Shares Update to Shareholders
Author: Bryan Mc Govern  13/02/2018 - 17:20:00

Pivot Pharmaceuticals (CSE:PVOT; OTCQB:PVOTF) provided a corporate update on its activities and goals to shareholders.

As quoted in the press release:

Pivot has had a very active start to 2018 as the management team continues to build a “differentiated” company in the cannabis sector, focusing on improving the cannabis consumer experience with scientifically derived products. Pivot’s world-class patent portfolio and industry leading pipeline, supplemented by experienced scientists and developers, will allow the Company to flourish as it continues to produce effective, stable and dosable products for health-conscious consumers.

Current products available to consumers are either smoked or are unable to deliver meaningful amounts of cannabis into the body. Pivot believes that only companies that have pharmaceutical-grade products supported by strong clinical or medical data will meet the consistency and desired health effects demanded not only by consumers, but also by regulatory authorities such as Health Canada.

Dr. Patrick Frankham, Pivot’s CEO states “I am extremely proud of the entire Pivot team as we continue to execute our business plan. We are overwhelmed by interested companies who now understand that derivatives and superior formulations will improve cannabis product experience and healthy outcomes.  We continue to believe that sustainable cannabis companies will have pipelines of products to meet the needs of consumers seeking wellness and healthy lifestyles.”

Click here to read the full press release.

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