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Dispensary’s New Wellness Center Offers Health Classes to the Public
Author: Angie Jackson  12/02/2018 - 11:00:00

The downtown Phoenix dispensary, Midtown Roots, has opened a wellness center to assist community members with their health and wellness journey.

The Midtown Wellness Center is committed to enhancing the lives of Midtown Roots’ patients as well as all community members by offering yoga, meditation, educational seminars, cooking classes, and more. All the events are open to the public.

Regularly scheduled events at the wellness center include a specialty yoga class on the first Friday of every month and a meditation fundraiser one Sunday a month.

Some past classes at the wellness center have included “Intro to Cannabis with Jim Brown of Center for Patient Relief,” “CBD Meal Prep with Chef Teresa Hansen,” “Cook and Talk with Chef Stephen Vega,” mediation, and yoga led by the Medicated Mavens and Cannakula.

Attendees with a valid Arizona medical marijuana card will receive a free medicated goodie bag.

Photo: Alissa Brunelli

Midtown Wellness Center’s events can be found at www.midtownroots.com/event-calendar.

Original article from azmarijuana.com: Dispensary’s New Wellness Center Offers Health Classes to the Public


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