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Understanding How Cannabis Can Benefit Dental Health
Author: Nicole Potter  09/02/2018 - 18:48:00

Everyone puts an emphasis on treating their bodies with respect and trying to eat healthier. But far too few people place the same importance on their dental health. Today is National Toothache Day (and to a lesser degree, February is also observed asDental Health Month). While it’s common that cannabis is being infused into food, topicals, patches and many other products, it’s not so common to learn that it can also be a beneficial aid to dental health as well.

But first, a disclaimer. In February 2017, theAmerican Dental Association (ADA) released a brief article detailing the adverse effects that consuming cannabis can have on a person’s teeth. “A limited number of studies have linked a correlation between marijuana use and the risk of periodontal disease,” the article reads. “As far as a link to the development of oral cancer, the high intraoral temperature from marijuana smoking can cause changes in oral tissues and cellular disruption. Although these changes likely could lead to oral cancer, the link has not been established.” The ADA also published a more recent portion of its website dedicated to understanding howcannabis can affect oral health.

Other dental organizations are beginning tolook more closely at increased cannabis use and howfurther studies can provide multiple benefits. However, this is difficult to do when the plant’s federally illegal status prevents studies from taking place. “Marijuana has a long history in medicine,” the study concludes. “[Cannabis’] Schedule I classification makes it difficult to run randomized controlled studies on its effects. The need for more study of its effect as a medicine is clearly recognized as well as the need for the evolving policies concerning marijuana use. Periodontal disease is only one health condition among many that can be affected by marijuana in terms of incidence, prevalence and manifestation. Further medical study will allow for better policy in regards to marijuana that may affect the population as a whole.”

Dentists are aware that smoking cannabis may cause similar effects on the human mouth, similarly to tobacco. But that doesn’t mean that cannabis is completely harmful to those pearly whites. There are a few noteworthy hemp cannabis products on the market that are specifically designed for taking care of your teeth. From toothpaste to mouthwash, the use of hemp can greatly improve your daily life.


This product utilizes the unique properties of the CBG cannabinoid, which has been used for itsanti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  “It is known that certain cannabinoids act as effective anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anti-proliferative, and regenerating agents,” the company’s product description states. “It is also known that the oral cavity, being continuously traumatized by chewing, speaking, and being populated with numerous infectious organisms, is in need of effective oral health products.” Although patent-pending, Oraximax makes toothpaste as well as dentifrice, oral rinse liquid, oral gel and dental floss.

Regenerative Hemp Toothpaste

Made by Cannaderm, this toothpaste is a gentle cleanser that stops the usual tooth decay, kills bacteria and acts as a sensitive treatment for your gums. It’s ingredients include pure hemp oil, baking soda, and a number of beneficial extracts such as grapefruit seed, chestnut, cloves, rosemary and sage. Using this will still fulfill your need to have clean teeth in no time.

Hemp Toothpicks

In the past, a few companies such asKush Creams have experimented with infusing toothpicks with hemp oil. While the company appears to no longer make that product, it’s fairly easy to soak toothpicks with hemp oil (and other essential oils for flavor or improved scent) to add a bit of cannabis to help you get through the day.

Other Methods

There are a few other methods of treating your teeth with cannabis. Apparently an ancient Ayurvedic method of dental hygiene called “oil pulling” can involve the use of hempseed oil. People are beginning to bring back oil pulling, which includes the swashing of essential oils in and out of the teeth for about 20 minutes.

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