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Cannabis Company Donates One Million Meals to Needy Families
Author: Benjamin M. Adams  02/02/2018 - 08:04:00

Aboutone in five children in California go to bed hungry each night, according to the California Association of Food Banks. To combat this shocking dilemma, California-based Bloom Farms decided to donate one meal to a state food bank for every product purchased. The company recently announced that it has donated one million meals to those in need.

“Donating our one-millionth meal shows that we’re succeeding for our customers, who have purchased one million of our products and appreciate that we are working toward the greater good, and for California’s most vulnerable families who have received the gift of nutritious food,” CEO Michael Raysaid in a statement.

The company also extends four paid hours of volunteer time to each of its employees, to make volunteer drives like this one possible.

Other non-cannabis companies have taken a similar approach to those in need. TOMS Shoes and Warby Parker, for instance, match a donation for every product sold. The donation model can be applied to donated products, meals or supplies.

Representatives from Bloom Farms said when the concept was initially launched a few years ago, several charitable organizations turned them down. But now, the company has secured a partnership withSF-Marin Food Bank which is more than willing to accept donations from a cannabis-related company. Other food banks soon followed and began accepting donations from Bloom Farms.

CULTURE has covered other charitable events set in motion by other cannabis-related companies in the past. With the addition of mudslides, flooding and widespread fire disasters, California needs all the help it can get.CannaCraft, for instance, assisted during the California wildfires by hosting about 200 American Red Cross volunteers while they battled wildfires.

Bloom Farms is the maker of various cannabis and concentrate products including vaporizer cartridges, oil pods and pre-rolls. Charitable events like its food drive are helping to erase the lazy stigma surrounding responsible cannabis consumers. 

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