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Oregon Garnered Over $68 Million in Marijuana Taxes in 2017
Author: Anthony Martinelli  04/02/2018 - 00:56:00

Oregon brought in over $68 million in taxes from the legal sale of marijuana and marijuana products in 2017.

According to data released by the Oregon Department of Revenue, the state made exactly $68,646,246 from marijuana taxes in 2017. This tops the roughly $60 million in marijuana taxes the state made in 2016.

Oregon’s biggest single-month marijuana tax gain in 2017 came in November, with slightly over $7 million garnered (in 2016 the most taxes made in a single-month came in October, with $7,8 million earned). The slowest month came in March, when the state made $4.4 million in cannabis taxes.

Oregon’s marijuana market is considerably smaller than that of Washington and Colorado; in Washington the state garnered roughly $30 million in taxes in September alone (almost half of Oregon’s full-year total). However, not only does Washington have a significantly larger population, marijuana sales began in 2014 compared to 2016 for Oregon.

More data on Oregon’s marijuana market can be found by clicking here.

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