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Cannabis and driving
Author: Olivier  02/02/2018 - 13:40:00

The police are now checking motorists not just for alcohol but also for other drugs such as cannabis. This is punishing patients just as much as recreational users. The effects this is having, and why we need solutions now, are explored in this article from the Cannabis News Network.

The wave of legalisation is advancing. However, for many cannabis users it is still unclear if and how much cannabis is permitted when driving. The Cannabis News Network listened to what was said at the third international symposium on the topic of “Driving under the influence of drugs”.

The current situation is that the authorities will require a blood test if there is suspicion of cannabis consumption, in order to check whether the national THC limit has been exceeded. This is similar to alcohol, but that is where the problem starts.

Cannabis works differently from alcohol and should therefore be tested in a different way. THC can be detected in the blood up to 30 days after consumption, but, of course, that does not mean that you should not drive during that entire time. Regular users and people who need cannabis for medicinal reasons will always be over the limit if they are checked by police. The saliva tests used by the police are not very accurate either.

Jan Ramaekers, Professor at the University of Maastricht, points out another related problem. Patients being treated for pain drive better (literally) if they have taken their medicine or cannabis. In addition, there are growing indications that if you use cannabis regularly, it does not affect your ability to drive.

Opinions on the way cannabis and driving should be treated differ widely. One thing is clear, however. We need solutions, now! The consequences of a positive drug test can be devastating for a person.

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