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San Francisco, San Diego Offer Thousands of Marijuana Convicts a Clean Slate
Author: Andrew London  01/02/2018 - 17:42:00

As the marijuana industry goes through its growing pains across the country, many have questioned whether lawmakers will make things right with the people affected most by decades of cannabis prohibition: those who were handed criminal charges for what is now legal in many places. Two California cities have made steps to address that: San Francisco and San Diego.

District Attorney George Gascón revealed Wednesday that his San Francisco team of prosecutors will “dismiss and seal 3,038 misdemeanor convictions dating back before the state’s legalization of marijuana went into effect, with no action necessary from those who were convicted.”

With San Francisco taking a huge step to rectify the problem by tossing out thousands of nonviolent cannabis convictions, some from as long as 40 years ago, a major California city is showing the rest of the country the right way to move into the next phase of the cannabis era.

On top of that tremendous news, the prosecutors will also look at nearly 5,000 felony convictions on a case-by-case basis to determine which ones could be reduced to misdemeanors.

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