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Price Per Gram in U.S. Ranges from $7.58 to $18.08, Says Study
Author: Dan Kingston 01/02/2018 - 16:09:00

According to the 2018 Cannabis Price Index by Seedo, the average price per gram in Seattle is only $7.58, but a staggering $18.08 per gram in Washington D.C. Up in New York City, which the data shows consumes more marijuana than any other melting pot city in the world, averages $10.76 per gram.

Seedo collected the data between December and January, saying the information is important as it helps indicate an estimated amount of tax revenue that could be generated if nationwide legalization occurred, reports to Bloomberg.

Canada plans to implement recreational marijuana legalization in July 2018. In Toronto, the current price per gram averages $7.82 and could generate as much as C$152 million annually if marijuana taxes are similar to cigarette taxes. New York City stands to generate as much as $354 million.

It’s not clear how Canada will determine prices yet. Federal and provincial governments agree to split the revenue generated from marijuana taxes, with 75% of the revenue being allocated to provincial authorities overseeing marijuana distribution.

Original article from himarijuana.com: Price Per Gram in U.S. Ranges from $7.58 to $18.08, Says Study

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