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Arizona Bill Would Require Independent Lab Testing on Medical Marijuana
Author: Sarah Parfitt  30/01/2018 - 08:18:00

Arizona Senator Sonny Borrelli’s soon-to-be-introduced bill, SB1420, would require testing for pesticides, mold and chemicals on all medical marijuana sold by Arizona dispensaries.

The dispensaries would be responsible for disclosing all chemicals and pesticides used to cultivate medical marijuana on labels, according to KGUN 9 News. The state would be tasked with authorizing independent labs. Any incorrect information on product labels would have to be corrected if a lab determines a discrepancy on a label.

Borrelli says that lawmakers want to ensure that Arizona medical marijuana patients are “fully informed of what they’re ingesting.”

So far, SB1420 has roughly 80 cosponsors. Despite the wide support, making changes to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act is challenging because it is protected by the state’s Voter Protection Act.

To move forward, SB1420 requires a three-fourths majority in the Arizona House and Senate.

Original article from azmarijuana.com: Arizona Bill Would Require Independent Lab Testing on Medical Marijuana


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