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America’s 2015 Marijuana Sales in Context More on himarijuana.com:America’s 2015 Marijuana Sales in Context […]

Canada: Man's Letter To Prime Minister About Marijuana Is Going Viral By Derrick Stanley Hemp News David Murphy is a 27-year-old farmer in Nova Scotia who uses cannabis to treat his brain cancer. He says that Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau, who campaigned on a promise to legalize marijuana, has not helped efforts […]

The Party Starts Today: Record Marijuana Sales Expected for Six Day “420 Weekend” MARIJUANA POLITICS - The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Alibi Pierce As cannabis goes mainstream, the day celebrating it–April 20th (or, in weed-speak, simply “420”)–is well on its way to official-unofficial American […]

Missouri: Group Says Legalizing Marijuana Is A Bad Idea For Children And Poor Communities By Derrick Stanley Hemp News Opponents of marijuana legalization say that crime will increase, drug dependency will grow, and teens and impoverished communities across Missouri will be adversely affected if pot is made legal. A group called Keeping […]

U.S.: Blumenauer Applauds Passage of Senate VA Medical Marijuana Amendment U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon on Thursday applauded the Senate Committee on Appropriations for passing the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Marijuana Amendment for the second consecutive year. This amendment, offered by Senators […]

Massachusetts: Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Responds To New Opposition Committee The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol on Thursday issued a statement in response to Gov. Charlie Baker, House Speaker Robert DeLeo, and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s announcement the same day, that they have formed a committee to oppose the campaign’s […]

NCIA’s Aaron Smith Giving Federal Law Update at the OMBC MARIJUANA POLITICS - The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by OMBC Staff It is clear that the states have led the way on cannabis law reform and that the federal government is playing catch-up. However, there are new and upcoming developments at the […]

Enjoy Your 4:20 with Quite Possibly the Greatest Invention in the History of Pizza or Weed Constantly seeking out the latest innovations in both the weed and pizza industries, it was only a matter of time before I stumbled on this genius new invention. The creators of a pizza delivery app called Push For Pizza have developed a new age pizza box that […]

Louisiana: Colleges May Soon Be Able To Grow Marijuana, Hemp By Derrick Stanley Hemp News University agricultural centers in Louisiana may soon be able to start growing marijuana and hemp for medicinal and industrial purposes. The House Agricultural Committee approved two bills to the House floor Tuesday […]

Colorado Springs’ 4.20 event round up Roll your joints, pack your bowls, ready your dabs and make your edibles now. We’re less than a week away from 4/20. Here’s a more complete list of the Springs’ 4/20 events, plan ahead. (Please note that all events are for ages 21 and up […]

Springs cannabis clubs circulate petition against ordinances There’s only one week left to sign the petition to overturn City Council’s legislation banning cannabis clubs in the Springs. If you haven’t been keeping up, on March 23rd, Council approved three ordinances targeting the clubs. The first bans […]

U.S.: Free Tool Launched To Help Consumers Assess High Quality Marijuana “Whether novice or aficionado, knowing how to assess cannabis flower quality is key to having the best possible experience.” All Cannabis isn't created equal, and just as wine enthusiasts enjoy a user friendly tasting system and diamond buyers […]

Colorado: Illegal Marijuana Grow Operations Busted, More Than A Dozen Arrested By Derrick Stanley Hemp News Approximately 30 Colorado homes and warehouses suspected of having illegal marijuana grows have been raided as part of an extensive law enforcement action Thursday, resulting in more than a dozen arrests. Many of the […]

California Bill Would Target Cannabis Users with Drugged Driving Checkpoints Senator Bob Huff (R-San Dimas) wants to drug screen California drivers with an oral swab. Huff introduced a measure on Tuesday which is designed at cracking down on drugged drivers. SB-1462 would allow law enforcement to conduct oral fluid drug screening […]

Pennsylvania: State Will Be 24th To Legalize Medical Marijuana By Derrick Stanley Hemp News On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives approved the latest version of Senate Bill 3, sending it to the desk of Gov. Tom Wolf for a signature. The governor has been pushing for the state legislature to […]

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