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California Will Allow Cannabis Industry to Apply for Trademarks
Author: Andrew London  16/01/2018 - 21:29:00

On Friday, just 12 days after marijuana became legal for adults across the state, the California Secretary of State’s office announced it would begin accepting trademark applications from cannabis brands with products or services to offer. 

This is a monumental step for the business owners who make up California’s cannabis industry as counterfeiting has become increasingly prevalent while more brands aim to establish consumer trust and loyalty within the state’s marketplace. 

A state trademark allows a brand to solidify its product or service among the legitimate marijuana market and establish its name to avoid having other companies cash in on their footwork. The trademark serves as a notifier to the public of who holds ownership over that word, symbol, or phrase representing the business, service, or product. It also ensures that consumers know where their products truly come from.

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