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Fetch Fido! Mississippi Canine Drags Home Found Bag of Pot Demonstrating just one of the many reasons why dogs are generally considered man’s best friend, unless of course you’re a Mississippi pot dealer who has misplaced his hidden stash; a curious pooch belonging to a Mississippi family came home smelling rather ripe last Saturday – similar to that […]

Industrial Hemp Bill Passes in Washington State UPDATE (3/29/16): The previously vetoed industrial hemp bill 6206 has officially been enacted into law after both chambers of legislature overrode the Governor’s blind veto. Washington State has hemp activist, Joy Beckerman, to thank as she is […]

Nixon Aide Claims War on Drugs Concocted from Racism Recently released reports of the dealings of John Ehrlichman, a former Nixon employee, suggests that America’s war on drugs was concocted by President Nixon to gain control against “the anti-war left and black people.” Journalist Dan Baum spoke first-hand […]

Israel Leads Cannabis Technology Boom – U.S. Investors Drop $50 Million The numerous restrictions put in place to prevent the study of cannabis in the United States has driven many investors to go international in search of efficient and quality research. It should come as no surprise that Israel, which is being considered the new […]

Two Big Rallies On Saturday: Hash Bash & Reschedule 420 The Hash Bash/Monroe Street Fair in Ann Arbor, MI and Reschedule 420 in Washington D.C. promise to be epic cannabis events! More on hightimes.com:Two Big Rallies On Saturday: Hash Bash & Reschedule 420 […]

The California Cannabis Countdown: Monterey County Until recently, the “Wild West” of U.S. cannabis lacked robust statewide regulations which left California cannabis companies subject to unclear rules and risk of federal shutdowns. The Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) created these […]

Some Interesting Facts About Hempcrete As a Building Material SOURCE: Dave Burkey – for NHA Hempcrete is one of the most amazing building products made from industrial hemp. All it is, is hemp hurds, or the center of the stalk, water, and lime (which is powdered limestone). Mix it together in a slurry and form […]

White House Still Opposes Marijuana Legalization Although the federal government seems to be coming around to some degree in terms of loosening the restrictions its agencies have against the use of cannabis at times, make no mistake about it, the Obama Administration still remains adamantly opposed to the legalization […]

Obama's Drug Czar Still Supports Gateway Theory Despite new measures from the federal government that suggests a shift away from the War on Drugs, reefer madness remains alive and well in the Obama administration. Michael Botticelli, the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy,reiterated&... More […]

Georgia: Governor's Leaked Emails Show He Never Intends To Expand Medical Marijuana Law By Derrick Stanley Hemp News Even though the majority of Georgia residents are in favor of legislation to make medical marijuana legal, a new report shows that Governor Nathan Deal had nixed the idea of growing marijuana in Georgia long before the state […]

Colorado: Military Veteran Gives Away Free Marijuana To Fellow Vets For PTSD By Steve Elliott Hemp News A Colorado Springs cannabis club headed by a military veteran is handing out free marijuana to other veterans, hoping to give them relief from issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for chronic pain they suffer after […]

Oregon: Marijuana Prohibitionist Group Insults Medical Marijuana Patients By Derrick Stanley Hemp News The Oregon chapter of the prohibitionist group Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) claimed that "their [sic] is no such thing as 'medical' marijuana" in a March 25 Facebook post, insulting patients that […]

U.S.: Gary Johnson Predicts Obama Will Take Marijuana Off Schedule I By Steve Elliott Hemp News Former New Mexico Governor and 2016 Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson on Tuesday said he thinks President Barack Obama, on his way out of office, is going to reschedule marijuana, taking it off the federal government's […]
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New Zealand Facing Cannabis Shortage Cannabis users who come from or live in states where it is prohibited know the feeling of not being able to find cannabis anywhere, despite how hard they look. Well, New Zealand is experiencing that exact phenomenon right now, only on a national level. According […]
29/03/2016 - 22:56:00

Hemp Law Passes in Oregon Oregon legalized industrial hemp production in 2009, but you may not have heard because there were high barriers of entry, and only 13 producers ended up getting licensed. The law was intended for oilseed and fiber production on large-production farms. Oregon’s […]

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