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Canntab Therapeutics Limited (CSE:PILL) (“Canntab” or the “Company”), a leader in the development of the cannabis in tablet or capsule form, is pleased to announce that it has engaged Lorne Gertner, one of the world’s foremost investors in the cannabis industry and one of its trailblazing pioneers, as a strategic consultant.  Mr. Gertner has significant experience on the boards of a number of publicly traded cannabis companies, including Hiku Brands Company, and h […]

Cannvas MedTech (CSE:MTEC), a leading business technology company within the cannabis space, and Natures Hemp Inc. (“Natures Hemp”), a biotechnology  and  consumer  products  company  focused  on  unlocking  the  true value of the hemp for both B2B and B2C markets, are pleased to announce the signing of a letter of intent “LOI”  (the “Agreement”), to negotiate, in good faith, […]

Tips For Telling Your Family You Use Cannabis Talking to family members about cannabis can be challenging. Here are some ways to encourage a dialogue. Telling your family that you consume cannabis can be a scary thing to do. If you’re lucky, you have a family that is unconditionally loving, consistently […]
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The 7 Best Bongs Of 2018 The 7 Best Bongs Of 2018:The legal cannabis industry continues to grow as political and cultural shifts usher in a green revolution. And while this is having an impact on cultivators, processors, dispensaries and other business that touch the plant it is also inspiring […]

Winners of the 2018 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup This past weekend, we traveled abroad to the Netherlands for this year’s Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. The competition brought attention to dozens of hard-working and inspiring people—growers, innovators, and company owners. […]

Women of Cannabis part one: The curator and the photographer Simone Badoux has been working for the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum since the beginning of 2017 in the role of Assistant Manager. She has co-curated the exhibitions ‘The Pope Smokes Dope’ and ‘Cannabis Cuisine’, which were successes […]

Study: CBD May Be Useful In Treating Breast Cancer CBD may be a useful treatment for various breast cancer subtypes, according to a new study published by the journal The Breast.“Studies have emphasized an antineoplastic effect of the non-psychoactive, phyto-cannabinoid, Cannabidiol (CBD)”, begins the […]

New Study Finds Medical Marijuana Reduces Opioid Prescriptions A new study conducted by Weill Cornell Medical College and the University of California San Diego and published in the journal Addiction found “that statewide medical cannabis legalization implemented in 1993 – 2014 in the U.S. was associated with close […]

Death of Pennsylvania Man Suspected of Growing a Dozen Marijuana Plants Highlights Extreme Policing Tactics Trooper pursuit at a small grow leads to death. Earlier this week, the country’s cruel and drastic treatment of cannabis growers came to a head in Pennsylvania, where medical marijuana is legal, but possession of any number of plants is still considered a fe […]

The Energy Consumption Quandary of Cannabis Growers A recent study shows Fluence Bioengineering horticulture lighting solutions can help reduce energy spend for indoor growers. The rapid expansion of indoor cannabis cultivation comes with a unique set of challenges, particularly in states where recreational cannabis […]

U.S. Reportedly Issues Travel Bans on Canadian Cannabis Professionals Immigration and cannabis legalization have been two hot button issues within the U.S. political arena recently. The majority of the discussion surrounding these issues has been mainly focused on that of legalization in America and immigration from Mexico. But there […]

Lebanon Considers Legalizing Hash After Cannabis Growers Help Fight Back ISIS Lebanon, a legendary hashish-producing country, is now considering a proposal to legalize cannabis. Now that the country’s cannabis-grower militias have mobilized to fight ISIS incursions into the hashish heartland of Bekaa Valley, is the time finally ripe for […]

07-13-2018 – Cannabis News with Joe Klare Joe Klare discusses a new album from Slightly Stoopid, federal marijuana policy reform efforts and a new cannabis beat writer in Michigan who took a trip to Colorado.07-13-2018 – Ep. 180 | Marijuana Times https://www.marijuanatimes.org/slightly-stoopid- […]

Boston Now Has Cannabis-Friendly Rental Properties Sometimes one of the most difficult aspects of being a tourist in a legal marijuana state is tracking down a certain standard of lodging that also allows its patrons to smoke weed. All of the major hotel chains strictly prohibit the consumption of smokable cannabis. […]

Oregon admits lack of oversight of medical marijuana program SALEM, Ore. — How much medical marijuana is in the pipeline in Oregon? The managers of the state’s program concede that they simply don’t know because of lax reporting by producers and a lack of site inspectors.That, they say, creates opportunities for marijuana […]

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