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Murray, Cantwell say legal marijuana relies on banking Two weeks ago, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded Obama-era marijuana rules. These rules included the Cole memo, which states the federal government will not interfere with state-approved marijuana laws. Sessions has still not clarified if he will issue new rules or simply revert to old policy. […]

Study: Marijuana Use Associated with Reduced Prevalence of Liver Disease in Alcoholics Alcoholics who use cannabis are less likely to have liver disease, according to a new study being published in the journal Liver International and epublished ahead of print by the U.S. National Institute of Health. […]

The Marijuana Justice Act: What It Is And Why It’s Critical Earlier this month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he would get rid of a longstanding “hands-off” policy that for years restricted federal agents and funds from going after states with legal weed. Now, pro-legalization lawmakers are responding […]

From Patient to Producer: The Story of Danny Sloat As countries all over the world recognize the medicinal benefits of marijuana, a sea of anecdotal and scientific evidence is presenting itself to reinforce what cannabis-lovers have known for a long time — the plant treats and heals. It is also a very effective […]

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox On Why Prohibition Is A Failure High Times recently had the fortune, privilege and honor of interviewing Mexico’s former President Vicente Fox, a man whose ideas stand close to libertarianism. The state, the government, should not intervene in people’s lives unless their decisions affect […]

NetworkNewsAudio Announces Audio Press Release (APR) on Companies Serving “Cannabis Lifestyle” Featuring DOJA Cannabis Company Ltd. NetworkNewsAudio announces the Audio Press Release (APR) titled “Standout Canadian Players Foster ‘the Cannabis Lifestyle,'” featuring DOJA Cannabis Company Ltd. (CSE:DOJA) (OTC:DJACF). […]

Kentucky Police Chiefs Formally Oppose Weed Legalization The state of Kentucky made cannabis legalization headlines earlier this week after a state senator introduced a bill to legalize marijuana. By week’s end, however, a major law enforcement group in Kentucky had already begun pushing back against the proposed legislation. […]

First Pennsylvania Dispensary Officially Opens The first-ever medical cannabis dispensary in the state of Pennsylvania is now officially open and licensed to sell the medicine to patients that have the proper cards. Keystone Canna Remedies, located in Bethlehem, PA, recently held its grand opening. […]

Vermont Governor to Sign Recreational Marijuana Legislation By Monday Vermont’s Republican governor is ready to make history as he prepares to sign H.511 into law, which will legalize recreational marijuana. A long time coming, Gov. Phil Scott said he will sign the legislation before Monday’s deadline. […]

Protecting your Cannabis Business from the Bad Acts of your Employees: Part 3 The U.S. cannabis industry employed roughly 165,000 workers as of last summer. By 2020 that number is expected to jump to 250,000 employees, which is more jobs than the expected jobs from manufacturing, utilities or governments sectors. […]
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Know Your Medicine: THCV As access to cannabis widens and research into the medicinal effects of its compounds expands, we’re learning there’s much more to the cannabis plant than THC and CBD. One of the most interesting cannabinoids in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabivarin or THCV. […]

Tennessee Lawmakers Plan To Introduce Medical Marijuana Bill While proponents of medical marijuana in Tennessee have routinely tried—and failed—to successfully introduce medical marijuana to residents in the state, two lawmakers are open to a swift compromise in order to get some form of the plant legalized. […]

New Year’s Resolution: Fight Against the War on Drugs Marijuana legalization is a small victory, a small step towards undoing the War on Drug’s legacy. If we stop here, it will be a failure. For those of us old enough to remember the utility of carving makeshift bongs out of apples, the thrift of scraping months’ […]

Canada’s Aurora Cannabis Will Supply Medical Marijuana To Italy One of the largest cannabis companies in Canada will be Italy’s supplier of medical marijuana. Canadian company Aurora Cannabis Inc. announced yesterday that it will begin supplying medical cannabis to Italy. Aurora Cannabis will export medical marijuana through […]

DOJA Cannabis and Tokyo Smoke Announce Signing of Definitive Business Combination Agreement Further to their joint news release dated December 21, 2017 (see here), DOJA Cannabis Company Limited (“DOJA”) (CSE:DOJA) and TS Brandco Holdings Inc. (“Tokyo Smoke”) are pleased to announce the signing of a definitive business combination agreement effective […]

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