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WA NORML: 2017 State of the Session Report WASHINGTON STATE: For the first time Washington NORML had a regular lobbyist in Olympia this year. The truth is NORML has almost always been staffed by volunteer activists. That’s what I was, at a NORML chapter in Missouri, in[...]
Original article from ireadculture:Denver Church Offering Cannabis Communion [...]
Original article from ireadculture:Department of Veterans Affairs Calls PTSD Cannabis Study “Worthless” [...]
Tiger Woods Episode Reveals Our Dishonest Denial about Prescription Drugs They couldn’t hang Tiger Woods for being a drunk, so now media moralizers are attempting to brand the golfing legend as a sort of irresponsible stoner. On May 29, police discovered Woods passed out at the wheel of his Mercedes, pul[...]
Cannnabis Litigation: Spotting Criminal Law Issues in Cannabis Cases. Take Five. One of the unfortunate byproducts of cannabis legalization is cannabis litigation. With each passing month of legalization in the states in which our cannabis lawyers operate (California, Oregon and Washington) we see an increase in disputes.[...]
Original article from himarijuana.com:Video: Top 10 Marijuana Travel Destinations [...]
Watch this rare interview with activist, author, publisher and undisputed French Grande Dame of cannabis, Michka! CNN’s Steven Kompier sat down with her at the Cannabis University, a new feature of Cannabis Liberation Day, for this illuminating discussion about what the pla[...]
Lawsuit Claims ‘Rape By Cop’ In Roadside Strip Search for Marijuana PHOTO BY GETTY IMAGES It seems the long arm of the Texas law believes it is all part of the job to sexually assault its citizens in the name of marijuana prohibition. It was revealed, earlier this week, in an article from the Housto[...]
Don’t Miss Out on Your Chance to Get High Life Tickets for Half Off Last year’s first annual High Life Festival was a party of epic proportions. Some of the best musical acts in the world showed up to San Bernardino to entertain attendees and smoke on award-winning cannabis products all weekend long.&nb[...]
17/08/2017 - 09:00:00
Original article from himarijuana.com:Video: 42 Craziest Marijuana Tattoos [...]
Please Applaud This Kansas Teen Using Cannabis Legalization to Run for Governor PHOTO BY GETTY IMAGES Listen. It’s been a rough few days. There are bad things happening in America, mostly (OK, pretty much entirely!) on one side, the side that likes to march around at night with torches and deny the personhood [...]
Last week, three of our California cannabis attorneys gave a one hour presentation on California’s Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”). Topics discussed included vertical integration, multiple license ownership, [...]
Washington State Responds To Attorney General Sessions’ Veiled Threats As first reported by Tom Angell of MassRoots.com, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson responded to a July 24 letter from US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in which Sessions’ made multiple al[...]
DOJA to focus exclusively on building a cannabis lifestyle brand DOJA is a cannabis lifestyle brand that will feature a range of curated handcrafted strains ideally suited for Canada’s emerging recreational market. DOJA’s fully owned subsidiary, Northern Lights Marijuana Company, is a licensed [...]
Congress Reintroduces Bill to Protect State Cannabis Laws Congresswoman Suzan DelBene reintroduced the State Marihuana and Regulatory Tolerance (SMART) Enforcement Act. H.R. 3534 would ban the federal government from prosecuting cannabis consumers in states that have legalized cannabis. It&rsqu[...]

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