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New Study Targets CB1 and CB2 Receptors as Treatment for Suicidal  Behavior A Spanish study examining the correlation between suicidal behavior and the body’s cannabinoid receptors could provide hope for an unconventional treatment option for those suffering from mental pain and suicidal tendencies. Published in t[...]
The legalisation of medicinal cannabis is on the brink of a breakthrough in the United Kingdom. But instead of debating the new bill, members of parliament talked it out. Scandalous! The British MP Paul Flynn was beside himself with rage. He said he was ashamed to a member of the[...]
21/03/2018 - 08:00:00
Video: Eco Cannabis Car[...]
Joe Klare discusses how drug decriminalization is working out in Portugal 17 years later, the latest delay for medical cannabis in Arkansas and a crackdown on unlicensed medical marijuana businesses in Michigan. [...]
Interview: Rich Homie Quan’s Spirit is Higher Than Ever “I be feelin’ like the man when I walk through!” I still remember when I played “Walk Thru” by Rich Homie Quan in the car as my girl and I were on our way to a Clippers job fair. She got the job, I didn’t. And I always told her sh[...]
20/03/2018 - 23:00:00
Bud.com & the Power of the URL Bud.com owner Justin Hall bought the URL in 1994, turned down $50,000 dollar offers from Budweiser and is now launching his own cannabis delivery website over 20 years later. In the Internet age, a catchy website URL can be the difference bet[...]
New Poll: The Politics of Medical Marijuana Heats Up For 2018 November’s midterm elections are just around the corner and a new poll offers some timely advice for candidates running for the House or Senate – support medical marijuana as part of your platform in 2018. On Monday, Politico’s Kevin Ro[...]
Joe Klare discusses legalization versus decriminalization in New Jersey, a new universal cannabis product symbol in Colorado and the possibility of California lowering taxes on recreational marijuana. [...]
Video: California Lawmakers Propose Cut to Marijuana Taxes [...]
Joe Klare discusses possible recreational cannabis legalization in Maryland, a new study out of Colorado that debunks some myths about legalization and marijuana lounges in San Francisco. [...]
Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris are living legends in the battle for legal cannabis through their activism, journalism, vision and court-recognized expertise in cannabis cultivation and use. Starting today, Cannabis News Network will tell the story of Chris and Mikki in 6 episodes.[...]
Joe Klare discusses a brewing battle between California and Weedmaps, the latest on the pot smoking police chief and the state of legal recreational cannabis sales in Washington D.C. [...]
PA, Medical Marijuana, and Lamb’s Victory: Nov. Looks Grim for GOP If past is prologue, prohibitionists within the GOP are terminally screwed come November.At least that appears to be the take away after Democrat Conor Lamb – a pro-medical marijuana candidate – defeated the GOP’s Rick Sicco[...]
7 Ways to Make Your Next Sesh Stress-Free Living in the modern world can be incredibly stressful. Work, family, traffic, arguments in comments sections, and unskippable YouTube ads. It’s hectic and non-stop. From time to time it’s nice to slow down and unwind with a few tokes of [...]
Joe Klare discusses a lawsuit filed by patients in Florida over medical marijuana regulations, an update on the bill in Utah that could delay medical cannabis and an interview with Bill Albro from Greenspace Labs. [...]

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