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U.S.: Country Artist Jason Isbell Thinks Attorney General Sessions Should Smoke Marijuana By Michael Bachara  Hemp News Grammy Award-winning Country music artist Jason Isbell, who some consider the best talent in Nashville, thinks U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions should smoke marijuana. In a recent interview with Indy[...]
Michigan: High Times Midwest Medical Cannabis Cup This Weekend In Clio Cannabis activists will be at the event gathering signatures for a recreational cannabis initiative for 2018 By Michael Bachara  Hemp News This weekend, on June 24-25, the Michigan cannabis community is coming together in Clio [...]
Longtime Trump Ally and Advisor on a Mission to Legalize Marijuana Roger Stone, a staunch conservative and longtime friend and adviser to Donald Trump, recently announced the formation of a bipartisan United States Cannabis Coalition (USCC), whose goals include protecting states’ rights, legalizing mar[...]
U.S.: Attorney General Jeff Sessions War On Cannabis Needs To End, Says ALCU Our top law enforcement official is a criminal justice dinosaur who has a history of endorsing ineffective policies and racist political rhetoric, says American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) By Michael Bachara  Hemp News Forty-s[...]
Radical Rant: Castile’s ‘Audacity to Smoke Marijuana’ Got Him Killed Officer Jeronimo Yanez in Minnesota was acquitted of all charges related to his point-blank shooting of motorist Philando Castile, a young black man whose execution was streamed live by his girlfriend sitting beside him while her young daught[...]
Original article from himarijuana.com:Video: Aubrey Plaza Smokes with the Weed Nuns [...]
Alabama: City of Mobile Cannabis Decriminalization Proposal Withdrawn by Mayor By Michael Bachara  Hemp News Mobile, Alabama Mayor Sandy Stimpson, the sponsor of a City Ordinance that would have decriminalized several minor cannabis offenses in the City of Mobile, withdrew his proposal yesterday. The ordinance[...]
North Carolina: Industrial Hemp May Replace Tobacco As Cash Crop By Michael Bachara  Hemp News In North Carolina this summer, farmers are experimenting with industrial hemp as a potential cash crop as an option to replace tobacco. On Monday, Jay Foushee, a fourth-generation farmer, planted m[...]
How Canada and Uruguay Are Challenging International Pot Laws Photo by Vortex Farmacy.  President Donald Trump and his Canadian counterpart, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, have more in common than a Mad Men-level iron grip. Both world leaders have proven willing to buck the international order and [...]
Cannabis at Issue in Philando Castile Case—Yet Again Protests broke out in Minnesota’s Twin Cities last Friday night, after the acquittal of a police officer in the notorious slaying of black motorist Philando Castile—a St. Paul school cafeteria worker, who was 32, at the [...]
Fight Night Highlights: Top Pot Moments in Combat Sports WBC Heavyweight Champion, Deontay Wilder, was recently busted with pot in Alabama after he took the wrong car out from his fleet, so we’re looking back at some of our favorite ridiculous pot moments in combat sports. You can&r[...]
Iowa: Medical Cannabis Program Expands, Accepting Applications Thousands of Iowans one step closer to medicinal cannabis as an option By Michael Bachara  Hemp News On Monday, registration cards for Iowa's new medicinal cannabis oil became available from the Iowa Department of Public He[...]
Original article from ireadculture:Cannabis Consumers are More Successful than Non-Consumers [...]
Original article from himarijuana.com:Video: Proving and Disproving Myths About Weed [...]
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Snoop & Martha: Best Buds How an unlikely friendship budded into TV magic. “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party” VH1 Here’s a promising candidate for understatement of the year: Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg were both a pretty big de[...]

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