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Original article from himarijuana.com:Video: Alt-Right & Black Lives Matter Smoke Together [...]
Study: People Prefer Legal Weed Over Alcohol In a somewhat unsurprising study, findings suggest people prefer legal weed over alcohol. With an influx of legal cannabis—both medical and recreational, readily available amongst 29 states around the country—alcohol sales ha[...]
Joe Klare discusses new stats on cannabis use out of Colorado, an update on the Phoenix man police forced to eat marijuana and an update on the case of James Slatic and his family. 12-15-2017 – Ep. 30 | Marijuana Times Show https://www.marijuanatimes.org/colo[...]
U.S.: Is hemp the next big cash crop? ITHACA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some New York farmers believe they’ve found the state’s next big cash crop: hemp. A Florida woman posted a video using Facebook Live where she exclaimed at how excited she was to find hemp at a W[...]
Joe Klare discusses the opposition to marijuana legalization in Michigan, new sales figures out of Colorado and California hiring a familiar face to help cannabis businesses register with the state. 12-14-2017 – Ep. 29 | Marijuana Times Show https://www.marij[...]
How to Make the Perfect Marijuana Edibles How to Make the Perfect Marijuana Edibles:Basic Steps How to Make Cannabutter and Canna Oil 5 Simple Marijuana Recipes The Perfect Marijuana Edibles For some people, the best way to get the effects of marijuana is by eatin[...]
Joe Klare discusses social cannabis use clubs in Denver, a “marijuana leaf Christmas tree” from Wal-Mart and how to talk to your family about cannabis legalization at Christmas dinner. 12-13-2017 – Ep. 28 | Marijuana Times Show https://www.ma[...]
Original article from himarijuana.com:Video: Making Cannabis Oil with Rick Simpson [...]
Joe Klare discusses CBD in Indiana, new medical marijuana regulations in New York and a possible delay of legalization in Canada. 12-12-2017 – Ep. 27 | Marijuana Times Show https://www.marijuanatimes.org/indiana-cbd-oil-the-attorney-general-refuses-to-let-it-[...]
Government Is Coming For Your Guns—But Only If You Smoke Pot America’s active gun control lobby is missing in action while authorities eye legal marijuana users’ guns, a development spreading across several states. Less than three months after the worst mass shooting in American histor[...]
Joe Klare discusses a bizarre law enforcement presentation about cannabis in Utah, the latest on a recreational legalization attempt in Ohio and the oblivious behavior of a woman going to court for a marijuana charge. 12-11-2017 – Ep. 26 | Marijuana Times Sho[...]
Original article from himarijuana.com:Video: Smuggling Weed in the Florida Everglades [...]
10 Pot Documentaries You Need to Watch I’m not that huge a fan of TV shows about weed, to be perfectly honest. I find many of them, like Netflix’s reprehensible Disjointed to be badly written, while relying on unfunny and tired stereotypes of people that smoke weed. I [...]
Joe Klare discusses guns and medical marijuana in Honolulu, guns and state medical marijuana laws and Jeff Sessions’ thoughts on guns and marijuana. 12-8-2017 – Ep. 25 | Marijuana Times Show https://www.marijuanatimes.org/honolulu-police-to-review-[...]
Cannabis Lab Founder Steps Down After Neo-Nazi Ties Revealed “Nobody likes Nazis.” Until earlier this week, Bethany Sherman was a co-owner—with her partner and co-parent Matthew L. Combs—of OG Analytical, a cannabis testing lab in Eugene, Oregon. By all accounts, they [...]

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