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A new fingerprint drug testing kit can detect cannabis with 99 percent accuracy
Author: Alice  09/10/2018 - 15:31:00

October 09, 2018

As per a study published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology, a -based technology firm has succeeded in developing a fingerprint drug testing system that can detect the traces of marijuana and few other drugs with the accuracy of up to 99 percent. The device has been named the Reader 1000 by the manufacturer Intelligent Fingerprinting.

The Reader 1000

The Reader 1000 is a portable drug testing system that actually does a biochemical analysis of the sweat present on the fingerprints of the subject. The kit is able to run tests for cannabis, opiates, cocaine, and amphetamines and produces results within 10 minutes with 99, 96, 95 and 93 percent accuracy respectively.

The portable setup consists of a cartridge and an analysis unit. A cartridge with the collected sample of sweat is inserted into the system for the detection of respective metabolites of the given drug. Professor David Russell is the founder of Intelligent Fingerprinting and co-author of the Reader 1000 research. He has termed the kit one of the easiest and efficient contemporary ways for drug testing. The drug testing from the kit is indeed really quick. Sample collection can be done in not more than five seconds and the final results are available just after 10 minutes.

The Reader 1000 - Image powered by Dailymail.co.uk

Coroners substantiated the accuracy

In the UK, a coroner office is tasked to investigate unexpected, violent and suspicious deaths. The firm worked with three different coroners to substantiate the findings of the research for dead subjects. Coroners used the Reader 1000 on 75 dead bodies and declared that there was adequate sweat present on the fingers for the drug analysis.

Coroners have also recognized that the drug testing kit can have extensive practical use in the future. Furthermore, Russell says that they have found that drugs tests conducted in coroner offices and those carried out in absolute lab conditions are nearly identical on the basis of accuracy.

Coroners substantiated the accuracy - Image powered by Dailyherald.com

The firm has also verified the accuracy of the Reader 1000 after matching its results with the toxicological analysis of urine and blood of the same subject. The firm’s director of business development has predicted that their non-invasive and hygienic drug testing kit will become a sought-after product across different sectors where flexible and quick drug testing is needed. It is important to note that some facilities in the UK such as drug treatment centers, morgues, and some educational institutes have started using the Reader 1000.

Implications for the cannabis-legal environment

Reader 1000 will have greater demand in some US states and Canada where cannabis legalization has become a reality. In a post-legalization environment, DUI cases also involve cannabis intoxication along with the alcohol’s. However, law enforcement bodies still don’t have effective, portable drug testing systems for the onsite detection of cannabis. Reader 1000 can prove to be that drug testing device that might be used by law enforcement personnel to conduct accurate, on-site tests to detect traces of cannabis in drivers.

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