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Training Day
Author: Robert Bergman  06/10/2018 - 20:21:00

Information about Training Day:

Most Indica-leaning strains are known for their heavy-hitting high that, in all likelihood, will leaves users slumped on their couches. However, this is where Training Day defers. It pairs its total body relaxation with a mental jumpstart in spite of its potent levels of up to 21%.

Nothing short is to be expected of the DNA Genetics prodigy though. In creating it, the breeders took LA Confidential for its soothing body psychedelic high, amazing terpene profile, and great growth profile. It was then paired with the mind-boggling Trainwreck which influenced Training Day’s cerebral stimulation and creative buzz.

While its recreational effects are well-documented, Training Day is of value to many patients from the medical marijuana community for providing a reprieve a variety of mental and physical afflictions.


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