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Study: CBD Could Prevent Haloperidol-Induced Orofacial Dyskinesia Cannabidiol (CBD) may prevent haloperidol-induced orofacial dyskinesia, according  to new research being published by the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity; the research was epublished by the National Institute of Health.“The chronic use of drugs that reduce the dopaminergic neurotransmission can cause a hyperkinetic […]

Seattle Court Agrees to Expunge Past Marijuana Convictions Judges in Seattle have agreed to clear past misdemeanor convictions for marijuana possession that were prosecuted before marijuana was legalized in Washington, reports the Seattle Times.All seven judges of the Seattle Municipal Court have signed an order setting […]

09-24-2018 – Cannabis News with Joe Klare Joe Klare discusses CBD legality confusion in Ohio, an update on legalization in a U.S. territory and an update on the story about high lobsters in Maine.09-24-18 – Ep. 231 | The Marijuana Timeshttps://www.marijuanatimes.org/a-tale-of-two-cbds-in-ohio/ht […]

Navigating Canada’s Underground Edibles Scene With EP Infusions The edibles scene in Canada is blowing up, despite being excluded from the first round of legalization. Edibles will be legal in Canada by Fall 2019, but until then, Canadians are flocking to the grey market or making their own infused creations to get their fix. […]

New Mexico’s Elevated Support For Marijuana Legalization Could Color State a Deeper Shade of Blue While New Mexico’s gubernatorial candidates debated the pros and cons of legalization last week, a poll published Sept. 21, 2018, shows how liberal Democrats may cash in on a green wave of support in November. The poll conducted by Research and Polling Inc. […]

Epileptic 5-Year-Old May Now Bring Cannabis-Based Medicine to School Another potential landmark ruling involving children and medical marijuana. Although the use of cannabis-derived drugs has seen an uptick in usage over the past two years, children in need of the medication have faced their fair share of roadblocks. One particular […]

A Maine restaurant that had been sedating lobsters with cannabis before boiling them alive is now under investigation for the culinary preparation, according to media reports. Charlotte Gill, the owner of Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound in Southwest Harbor, Maine, had been offering the option to patrons ordering live Maine lobster at the restaurant.But state regulators have taken notice and now the Maine Health […]

Hungarian Bioengineering Giant Developing Cannabinoid Production Process Hungarian biotech giant is using an engineered yeast strain to “brew” cannabinoids via fermentation. The extraction of cannabinoids from cannabis plants is a huge and growing industry. From edibles to portable vape cartridges, cannabinoid extraction makes all […]

DC Reduces Public Marijuana Smoking Penalty to $25 Fine WASHINGTON (AP) — People caught smoking marijuana in public in Washington, D.C., will now get a citation instead of being taken into custody. News outlets reported that Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser and Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham announced […]

New Study Provides Evidence Supporting the Use of Cannabinoids to Treat Prostate Cancer Cannabinoids may provide a potential treatment option for prostate cancer, according to a new study published by the journal The Prostate.“Cannabinoids have demonstrated anticarcinogenic properties in a variety of malignancies, including in prostate cancer”, […]

North Dakota Selects Fargo, Bismarck Dispensaries BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota’s Health Department has named companies to open medical cannabis dispensaries in the state’s two largest cities. A review panel selected HOFB, or Harvest of Bismarck, to open a facility in that city, and Acreage […]

‘Stoned’ Lobsters Off the Menu for Now at Maine Shop SOUTHWEST HARBOR, Maine (AP) — State health inspectors are investigating a Maine lobster restaurant that tried to mellow out lobsters with marijuana. The Portland Press Herald reported that Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound in Southwest Harbor remains […]

DC Police Moves Toward Citations Over Arrests For Public Weed Consumption Washington, D.C., residents live a tale of two cities when it comes to cannabis enforcement. Yes, marijuana is legal in the nation’s capital—but only on the 71 percent of lands subject to District Law. The remaining 29 percent of D.C. falls under federal law, […]

Seattle Courts to Clear Charges, Convictions for Pre-Legalization Marijuana Misdemeanors Seattle is making a move towards justice by vacating charges from pot-related misdemeanors from the years before the state legalized weed. Municipal court judges in Seattle, Washington, have agreed to vacate misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions that were […]

SEATTLE — Judges in Seattle have agreed to clear past misdemeanor convictions for pot possession that were prosecuted before marijuana was legalized in Washington state.The Seattle Times reports that all seven judges of the Seattle Municipal Court signed an order Sept. 11 setting out a process for vacating the cases.City Attorney Pete Holmes filed a motion in April asking the court to vacate the convictions. He argued […]

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