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Arizona Attorney General Seeks to Prohibit Hashish for Medical Marijuana Patients Arizona’s attorney general want to make flower the only form of cannabis available for medical consumption. In a move that’s thrown patients and dispensary owners into confusion, Arizona’s attorney general Mark Brnovich posited in court filings that only dried marijuana should be available for medical consumption. […]

Political Influencers in North Carolina in Favor of Marijuana Policy Reform Will North Carolina see meaningful marijuana policy reform in the near future? A new survey has found that many prominent leaders in North Carolina support marijuana policy reform. The survey of 60 influential North Carolinians focusing on criminal justice is part […]
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Tommy’s Home Grown Chong Certified products are among the best strains in the market. Each assure users of a premium quality bud that induces a memorable psychedelic high. Not only that, all that fall under and are approved by the label retain significant therapeutic value by providing […]
21/10/2018 - 19:28:00

Sunlight Skunk Sometimes, all one needs a ray of sunshine to brighten up the day. Fortunately, Sunlight Skunk does exactly that. Through its well-balanced high, it clears the mind of worries and negativity while totally relaxing the body. Besides recreational users, Sunlight […]

Wall Street’s Top Cannabis Analyst Triples Initial Price Forecasts Vivien Azer, a top cannabis research analyst, recently tripled her initial price forecast for Tilray, one of Canada’s biggest marijuana producers and retailers. […]

Preparing for Growth in the Cannabis Industry While various reports and predictions abound, there is one thing that most who analyze the cannabis industry can agree on: growth is and will continue to be explosive. Fighting against the growth that a newly legal industry with an already-established customer […]

This Weed In News: Canadian Cannabis Scientists Set to Blaze New Trails; Cannabinoid Researchers Hit 21; UK Doctors Can Prescribe Marijuana-based Medicines While Canada became the first Group of 7 country to officially legalize recreational marijuana, the real winner for the week ending Oct. 20 2018 is marijuana research.Canada’s legalization of recreational marijuana is a huge win for science; a study at the […]

California rolls forward with pot delivery regulations LOS ANGELES — California moved a step closer Friday to allowing marijuana deliveries in communities that have banned retail sales of the drug as regulators rebuffed cities and police chiefs who are opposed to the rule. The proposal is a major issue that could […]

10-19-2018 – Cannabis News with Joe Klare Joe Klare discusses the latest from prohibitionists in North Dakota, one Democratic Congressman’s blueprint for federal cannabis legalization and the latest poll numbers for Missouri’s 3 medical marijuana ballot measures. 10-19-18 – Ep. 250 | The Marijuana […]

‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Blame Homelessness, Teen Drug Use on Legal Marijuana “Fox & Friends” refuses to confront the realities that produce poverty and homelessness. Conservative pundits at right-wing media outlet Fox News are at it again. The network is known for taking hardline conservative positions on everything, often lying and […]

Senator Impersonates Mitch McConnell Talking About Cannabis Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, was apparently taken aback when he heard that the red state of Utah is likely to legalize medical marijuana in November 2018. Republican Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner said in an interview on Oct. […]

Sober Up and Stay the Course: CBD Takes on Alcohol Addiction Can cannabidiol help counteract the negative impacts of alcohol consumption? Do you suspect booze has been doing a number on you both physically and mentally? Many of us can relate. We go out, enjoy nights of wild abandon, or engage in good conversation while enjoying […]

Marijuana to Get Big Play at South by Southwest 2019 ​South by Southwest (SXSW) has announced its conference sessions for its 2019 festival, and this time the annual Austin, Texas gathering has boosted its marijuana panel selections, big time. With more than 20 cannabis events, attendees have their pick of topics. […]

Minnesota Farmer Plants First-Ever Halloween Hemp Maze Leaves are changing, there’s pumpkin spice everything and Halloween will be here before you know it. Everyone is attending their favorite haunted attractions, pumpkin patches and corn mazes. One farmer in Minnesota is going down the autumn path less taken – […]

Report reveals Alabama unjustly targets black marijuana users Southern Poverty Law Center and Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice have recently compiled a report on the situation of cannabis law enforcement in the state. Their report ‘War on Marijuana’ indicates that the black population of Alabama is being unfairly […]

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