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New York’s CannaGather Meetup Fosters the City’s Infant Cannabis Industry Educational event for the cannabis industry in NYC shows investors are thirsty for change. On a surprisingly cool evening this August, a crowd of well-dressed New Yorkers mulled about in front of Galvanize, a tech and entrepreneurial incubator in Greenwich Village. Inside, under bright lights, a single-file line stretched […]
20/08/2018 - 19:43:00

Mega Jackpot Information about Mega Jackpot:It would be a great injustice if a strain like ‘Mega Jackpot’ did not live up to its name. Thankfully, it does and far exceeds the expectation of many. A powerhouse in itself, it carries consistent THC levels of 20% to […]

The road to Santa Ana’s model marijuana market August 20, 2018, Santa AnaSanta Ana, a city in Orange County, is locally known for its Zoo and Native American Art Museum. It made it to the headlines in 2015 with leaked security camera footage, showing that local police officers behaving like maniacs during the […]

Calaveras County cannabis farmers go to the Court on local cultivation ban August 20, 2018, Calaveras CountyProp. 64, the measure to legalize adult-use legalization in California, allow county administrations to put local bans on the cultivation and sales of marijuana. From the day one, cannabis advocates are censuring this decision because […]

A Beer Giant Getting Into The Marijuana Industry It is no big secret that marijuana has always been a hot topic. This powerful herb has long been debated and was once thought of as a harmful gateway drug.  Thankfully, a lot of that has changed and consumers are now seeing the herb in a new light. Not only is […]

Protecting Your Dogs from Accidental Marijuana Ingestion Even though the vast majority of the effects of cannabis legalization are overwhelmingly positive – and even if they weren’t, marijuana should still be legal because those using it are not infringing on the rights of anyone else – I’ll be the first to admit […]

Is California’s Marijuana Legalization Actually Bad? Proposition 64, the ballot measure that legalized marijuana for adults in California, had plenty of opposition from within the marijuana movement. Most arguments against legalization from so-called legalization advocates followed similar lines. Prop. 64 was funded […]
20/08/2018 - 11:00:00

Mila Jansen; woman, mother, icon “We were all looking for paradise. Here. Now.” Here and now was on 5 December 1968 in India. Mila found paradise. It was her 24th birthday.Together with her baby daughter Miloes and three travel companions, she was walking on the beach in Goa. They had been […]
20/08/2018 - 09:22:00

How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds Germination:Germination begins the life of your plant, so it is essential to understand precisely how to do it. There are many methods for germinating marijuana seeds – some more successful than others. This guide will discuss the many ways to germinate your […]

Data Finds Youth Marijuana Use Unchanged Post-Legalization Marijuana use by young people remains largely unchanged in Colorado since the enactment of a voter-initiated law legalizing its possession and retail sale to adults in 2014, according to data released by the Department of Public Health and Environment.The survey […]
20/08/2018 - 04:58:00

Everything You Need to Start Dabbing So you want to start dabbing? I don’t blame you. Dabbing is amazing, and I’m not talking about that dopey dance move. I’m of course talking about getting the most out of your concentrates by vaporizing them through a bong. Figuring out what you need to start […]
19/08/2018 - 19:22:00

Snow Diesel Information about Snow Diesel:Versatility is Snow Diesel’s forte. Ranging from 19% to 23%, its high is undeniably buildable and can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of experience. Meanwhile, its level-headed effects allow users to enjoy it at whatever time […]

Marijuana banking backlash snares Vancouver couple Ty and Tracy Camp have been together for 11 years, and married for seven, but they rarely mix their finances.Until May, she worked as an assistant vice president and financial center manager at Bank of America in Vancouver, and also owns and manages several residential […]

How do I take the best dab hit? — Hasheem ShatterwaxIsn’t the word “best” a bit subjective? Back in the day, we used to smoke hash on top of a bowl or rolled in a joint, and that was pretty good. Anyone remember “hash under glass?” But I digress. Probably the “best” way to dab in the past was heating up two knives on a stove, pressing a chunk of hash between the two knives and inhaling the vapors. […]
18/08/2018 - 20:43:00

Sexxpot Information about Sexxpot:Though marijuana has aphrodisiacal qualities, it is much more known for its other benefits especially since not all strains share the same effect. Still, it has potential. And, that is something the cannabis entrepreneur Karen Wagner saw […]

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