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Canada’s New Marijuana Legalization Law Begins on Oct 17 Marijuana will officially become legal for adults in Canada on Wednesday, Oct 17, with regulated adult sales set to begin in several provinces throughout the country. In June, Canada’s parliament approved Bill C-45, known as the Cannabis Act, MPP reports. It creates an overarching national regulatory framework and enables […]

Video: Canada’s Legal Marijuana Laws Explained - Video: Canada’s Legal Marijuana Laws Explained […]

10-15-2018 – Cannabis News with Joe Klare Joe Klare discusses possible social use in Massachusetts, legal cannabis as a global market disruption and marijuana flowing out of Oregon. 10-15-18 – Ep. 246 | The Marijuana Times […]

Lawmaker: Trump To Back Medical Marijuana After Midterms ​Cannabis reform will likely be on the Trump administration’s agenda after the midterm elections, Republican U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California said Thursday. In an interview with Fox Business, Rohrabacher said he’s been “talking to people inside […]

Canadian Schools Struggling With Cannabis Education Ahead of Legalization With federal legalization of cannabis must come an adjustment in the education around the plant. Canada’s upcoming legalization date comes in only a few days. Still, some issues about recreational cannabis remain left to finalize. Sure, Ottawa has written out […]

WA Liquor and Cannabis Board Puts Hold on Edibles Ban, Seeks Public Comment Just a week after announcing a ban on certain marijuana-infused products, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board says it’s placing a hold on the ban to give marijuana industry groups time to formulate and present alternative rules. […]

Researchers Find Cannabis May Limit Some Driving Abilities How much does cannabis consumption really affect driving abilities? Cannabis use can affect the ability of young people to perform some tasks related to driving, a study in Canada found. Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, discovered that drivers […]

White House Seeks Public Input On Marijuana Reclassification ​The federal government wants your input on whether marijuana should be reclassified under global drug treaties, to which the U.S. is a party. Specifically, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is asking for public comments about the “abuse potential, […]

Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Law Takes Effect on Wednesday Marijuana possession and use will officially become legal for those 18+ in Canada on Wednesday, with regulated adult sales set to begin in several provinces around the country. Canada’s parliament approved Bill C-45, known as the Cannabis Act, in June. It creates […]

Heritage Acquisition Target CannaCure Obtains ACMPR Licence ​Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corporation (CSE:CANN) (“Heritage” or “Company”) is pleased to announce that its proposed acquisition target CannaCure Corp, has been granted by Health Canada a license to cultivate cannabis, pursuant to the Access to Cannabis […]

What Exactly is Marijuana Dependence? Recently, NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano had a brief opinion piece published by The New York Times. In it he addressed the fears brought up by a previous opinion piece in which a man named Neal Pollack told his story of marijuana addiction. In his piece, […]

Marijuana Use Is Becoming Common Among Seniors Marijuana use is becoming relatively common among those over 65 years of age who reside in legal marijuana states, according to recent data published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. […]
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Is Cannabis Addiction Real? To the members of Marijuana Anonymous (MA), an offshoot of the addiction recovery program Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), cannabis is a dangerous drug, as destructive as crack, more callous than cocaine. But is this the right way to think about cannabis? Is it contrary […]

Alternative Financing Options in the Emerging Legal Cannabis Industry Cannabis industry financing coming from boutique lenders presents opportunities for investors. Financing options in the emerging legal cannabis industry are proving to be varied and innovative. One of the biggest challenges to growth in this sector has been the […]

Study Reveals Marijuana Habits of Older People In Colorado Legalization has attracted a growing number of older Americans to use marijuana, but little is known about how exactly this demographic is approaching cannabis in the 21st century. A new study, “Characteristics and Patterns of Marijuana Use in Community-Dwelling […]

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