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Will Canada End Marijuana Prohibition in 2017? A little over a year ago voters in Canada went to the polls and tossed the Conservative Party from power after a 10-year reign. In their place they elected the Liberal Party, led by the charismatic Justin Trudeau, son of former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. One of the major platforms the Liberals ran on […]

NFL Player Suspended a Second Time for Using Marijuana to Treat His Crohn’s Disease Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson suffers from Crohn’s Disease, which is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract. So far it has caused him to undergo surgery twice, once to remove a large part of […]

Gov. Christie Compares Cannabis to Heroin Chris Christie continues to distance himself from public favor with an online rant regarding his perceived issues with cannabis, despite the fact that he is the appointed lord over New Jersey – a state with a barely functioning medical marijuana program. The […]
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State of Cannabis: Washington D.C. This is proving to be a big year for cannabis. As a result, we are ranking the fifty states from worst to best on how they treat cannabis and those who consume it. Each of our State of Cannabis posts will analyze one state and our final post will crown […]

BrewBudz Launching Marijuana Coffee and Tea Keurig Pods Cannabiniers, the makers of BrewBudz, is launching THC- and CBD-infused coffee and tea pods that you can brew right in your Keurig coffee machine. The California-based company does not use oils or extracts, there’s actual marijuana flower inside the pods. […]

Next U.S. Attorney General Has a Full-Blown Case of Reefer Madness The new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is adamantly against marijuana and has no plans to assist in efforts to legalize it. The Alabama senator has seen a great deal of criticism from his constituents regarding his use of language in certain situations and his […]

Where things stand on weed in the workplace BOSTON — Changing marijuana laws aren’t necessarily making weed more welcome in the workplace. For now, many employers appear to be sticking with their drug testing and personal conduct policies, even in states where recreational marijuana use […]

U.S.: NBA Issues Statement Regarding Steve Kerr's Marijuana Use By Derrick Stanley Hemp News The NBA has already made a statement regarding Warriors coach Steve Kerr admitting he had tried medical marijuana for chronic back pain, which led to several of his players coming out in support of him and the acceptance […]

California: NBA Coach Of The Year Kerr's Marijuana Admission Could Be A Start By Derrick Stanley Hemp News Steve Kerr, head coach of the NBA's Golden State Warriors and reigning NBA Coach of the Year, has admitted to trying marijuana for medical reasons, and now some of his players believe that his words can help start a serious […]

Ontario: Study Shows Vaping Prevalent Among Medical Marijuana Patients By Derrick Stanley Hemp News Vaporization is increasingly becoming the preferred means of patients using medical marijuana, according to a survey with results published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence and in the Harm Reduction Journal. Investigators […]

Massachusetts: Study Shows Legal Medical Marijuana Not Predictive Of Increased Teen Use By Derrick Stanley Hemp News State laws regulating the use and dispensing of medical marijuana do not contribute to increased use of marijuana by teens, according to a new study published online ahead of print in the journal Drug and Alcohol Depende […]

U.S.: State Leaders Challenging Marijuana Election Results By Derrick Stanley Hemp News Political leaders in several states are acting to challenge election results regarding regulation of marijuana. "Voters spoke clearly on election day. They believe that cannabis should be legal and that its sale […]

Florida Pols in No Hurry to Enact Medical Marijuana Regulations Marijuana reform proved to be wildly popular in Florida, where six million people—71 percent of voters—approved an initiative allowing for increased access to medical cannabis. Currently, Florida residents can get their hands on low or no-THC oil for […]

Top Doc in Ireland Backs CBD Oil for Ava The battle to get CBD to patients in Ireland just got a huge helping hand, with support from a heavy-hitting medical professional backing the oil as a possible medicine. Dr. Colin Doherty, a neurologist at St. James’s Hospital in Dublin, is backing the […]

CannaKids to Hold Second Annual Toy Drive and Holiday Event Here at The Marijuana Times, we’ve covered numerous stories of patients successfully treating their diseases with cannabis medicine. As touching as those stories are, none of them compare to the amazing work that the cannabis professionals atCannaKids andSavingSophie.org […]
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