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Representative Isaac in favor of decriminalization, not legalization By: Dalton Sweat, Editor, The Wimberley View Aug. 24, 2016 State Representative Jason Isaac has come out in support of the decriminalization of marijuana, but clearly stated that does not mean he supports legalization. “Some people get confused on legalization very quick,” Isaac said. […]

Boom of Medical Marijuana Research on the Horizon as DEA Loosens Restrictions Head of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Rick Doblin has been working on getting marijuana approved as a medicine for years, and recently announced the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is starting to open up to the idea of licensing […]

Federal Court: Out-of-State License Plates Don’t Justify Police Stop and Search A numberless Colorado license plate. In a landmark decision the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that law enforcement officials can’t stop and search vehicles simply for having an out-of-state license plate from a state where cannabis is legal, […]

If California Voters Legalize Cannabis in November, Market to be $6.5 Billion Annually by 2020 If California voters give approval to Proposition 64 this November to legalize cannabis for everyone 21 and older, the legal cannabis market will be worth $6.5 billion annually by 2020, a new report has found. According to the 2016 California Legal Cannabis […]

This Hemp Nut Feels Strong After 20 Years Without Meat Ted Smith In my first few years of being a cannabis activist I learned a great deal about the wide range of potential uses the cannabis plant could have if not for prohibition. Being a seventh generation Canadian on both sides of my family, but the first […]

Colorado Introduces a New Campaign to Help Prevent Underage Consumption of Cannabis A concern to all when cannabis was first legalized in Colorado was whether or not legal marijuana sales would put it in closer reach to children and teens. There have been quite a few studies since then that have proven that legalizing cannabis does not increase […]

Oregon has Reached $100 Million in Cannabis Product Sales Since January One thing that everyone is looking at, whether they approve of marijuana use or not, is the amount of revenue coming out of the legal sale of cannabis. After all, the market is big and clearly it’s only going to grow – this can give states trying to […]

New DEA Policy Helps Marijuana Research, But Hurdles Remain The recent debate surrounding the DEA rescheduling marijuana will at least lead to more research becoming possible. Research on specific cannabinoids, the naturally-occurring chemicals in cannabis, will be the primary focus for researchers. Since cannabinoids mirror […]

Unique Crop Beginning to Pique Interest of Area Farmers Source: Montrose Press For Delta farmer Richard Munoz, hemp has become a source of income. But not only has hemp helped his income, it has boosted his health as well. “I could barely move, but when I took two drops from this liquid hemp bottle, […]

Are Terpene-Enriched Cannabis Concentrates Bad for your Health? Cannabis products infused with non-cannabis derived terpenes are gaining popularity for their consistency, convenience and delicious flavor, but a new study out of the University of Pernambuco in Brazil suggests that mixing cannabis with non-cannabis derived terpenes […]

Oklahoma: Medical Cannabis Legalization Initiative to be on November Ballot Oklahoma is set to be the fifth state voting this November on the legalization of medical cannabis alongside Florida, Arkansas, Missouri and North Dakota; five other states are voting on the legalization of cannabis for all uses (Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona […]

The Fight to Preserve Mendo’s Marijuana Heritage If you had told me 10 years ago that hippie farmers from the hills would come out to meetings, I’d have laughed. And yet there we were, over 100 of us I’d guess, gathered last Thursday evening in Laytonville for a political rally. That’s an impressive […]

California: Police Say Ex-NFL Player Arrested Naked With Marijuana In Backyard By Derrick Stanley Hemp News Todd Marinovich, a former USC football star and NFL player for the Los Angeles Raiders, was arrested in Irvine, CA last week after being found in a backyard naked and in possession of marijuana. Authorities said the […]

Cannabis “Potluck” After New Regulations in Toronto August 24th will mark the first day that new marijuana regulations in Canada will come into play. These regulations are an extension of the existing medical marijuana system that has been in existence since the former Conservative government held power. A […]

Cannabinoids May Protect Against Essential Tremor, New Study Finds A new study published by the British Journal of Pharmacology has found that cannabinoids may protect against the behavioral disturbances caused by an essential tremor. “Essential tremor (ET) is a neurological disorder with unknown etiology”, states […]
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