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Will AG Sessions Impose a Federal Pot Crackdown? There are concerns that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will get serious about imposing a federal marijuana crackdown after seeing the results of a national pot policy review set to be submitted later this week by the Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety. At the beginning of April, Sessions issued a […]

A new opinion piece appeared in the Texarkana Gazette that focuses on the inability for Texas residents to purchase medical marijuana in Arkansas. There has been a lot of speculation on social media about what medical marijuana will mean to Arkansas and, specifically, the Twin Cities. The state line has always put the two Texarkanas in a unique situation, especially when it came to law enforcement. For example, […]

Yankton Sioux Official: Marijuana Meeting Postponed WAGNER, S.D. (AP) — A Yankton Sioux Tribe official says a general council meeting to discuss legalizing marijuana for recreational and other uses has been postponed. Councilwoman Roseanne Wade says she isn’t aware of a new date for the tribal-members […]

Southern University Reviews Medical Marijuana Contract Bids BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Southern University received applications from seven companies seeking to be its medical marijuana grower, as the school sets up one of Louisiana’s two production facilities. The Southern University Ag Center expects to […]

Maine: Legislative Panel Mulls Raising 10 Percent Tax on Marijuana BY MARINA VILLENEUVE ASSOCIATED PRESS AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — As the legalization of recreational marijuana sales in Maine nears, a legislative panel has spent months pondering the best way to tax pot to bring in state revenue, fund regulatory enforcement […]

Western Sahara Drug Arrests: Polisario ‘Fell Into Trap It Sets for Morocco’, Mustapha Salma Rabat – The Polisario Front has made a serious misstep when it arrested earlier this month 19 Moroccans it accused of drug trafficking, according to Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, a former Polisario security official. In a Facebook post on Sunday, […]

MassRoots Announces Closing of $1.2 Million Equity Financing MassRoots, Inc. (OTCQB:MSRT), one of the leading technology and compliance platforms for the cannabis industry, is pleased to announce it has closed a $1,217,000 private placement of common stock and warrants, as detailed in MassRoots’ Current […]

Statewide Strike May Be Needed to Reduce Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Card Fee Arizona’s medical marijuana industry continues to flourish. With the success of the program comes the debate of the excessive $150 annual state fee for a medical marijuana card. Many other states charge a much lower fee for a medical marijuana card, […]

Mendo Marijuana: The Time of Reckoning Has Come An report on the state of cannabis from a ganja farmer at the heart of the Emerald Triangle. The tension in the air up here in the heart of the Emerald Triangle is as thick as dripping rosin. The time has come to put up or shut up. In other words, to choose […]

California Cannabis Countdown: San Francisco California has 58 counties and 482 incorporated cities across the state, each with the option to create its own rules or ban marijuana altogether. In this California Cannabis Countdown series, we plan to cover who is banning, who is waiting, and who is embracing […]
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YAKIMA — Five years after Washington voters legalized recreational marijuana, uncertainty continues in cities and counties across the state over how to regulate pot businesses — or whether to allow them at all. For example, Yakima County voters will determine in November whether a ban on such businesses in unincorporated areas of the county should remain. Last year, the city of Yakima lifted its ban, […]

RECIPE: Chicken Stew with Cannabis-Infused Dumplings Next time you’re looking for a filling meal with a cannabinoid kick, look no further than this top-shelf chicken stew recipe. Few foods are more closely associated with the concept of “comfort food” than chicken soup or stew. At my good […]
23/07/2017 - 20:43:00

Trump’s DOJ gears up for crackdown on marijuana The Trump administration is readying for a crackdown on marijuana users under Attorney General Jeff Sessions. President Trump’s Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, led by Sessions, is expected to release a report next week that criminal justice reform advocates fear will link marijuana to violent crime and recommend tougher sentences for […]
23/07/2017 - 20:42:00

Black Mamba Information about Black Mamba: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time Will the real Black Mamba come forward? Sorry, we are not referring to NBA Legend Kobe Bryant whose nickname is also […]
23/07/2017 - 19:12:00

Blue Crack Information about Blue Crack: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time Crack is a substance we want to avoid, at all cost. No matter what users say, it is not worth getting into. But if one […]

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